Food, housekeeping and laundry service are the elements that help in maintaining excellent standards of service in hotels, resorts, motels, and dining facilities. These are not just important for maintaining good standards of service, but also for increasing sales. A major trend is sweeping across the hospitality business and that is the outsourcing of laundry. Earlier most hotels and other hospitality establishments used to have on premise laundry service, but now a majority of them are outsourcing this department.

What is commercial laundry?laundry service

The outside linen service is called commercial laundry and they have bigger and entirely different machines when compared to laundry shops. They have an approved schedule to pick up and deliver the laundry. Laundry services are gauged by the promptness in delivery, clean washing and extension of the life of the linen. According to the HACCP practices mandate, linen laundry services are supposed to provide laundry linen which is free from organisms, wrinkles, lint, foul odour and stains.

Qualities of a good laundry service provider

Punctuality – Prompt delivery as per commitment

All deliveries should be complete to the letter

The white items must be pristine white not yellowing or grey. There should be no stains and the items should not be crumpled, creased or wrinkled

There are quite a number of advantages to a commercial linen laundry services provider. One main advantage is that the hotel or hospitality establishment does not have to invest money or space in the laundry machine and does not have to hire the people to operate them. If the commercial laundry service fails to deliver on time or lose an item they have to pay a penalty for it. By outsourcing laundry work it is assured that you will have good quality services. The laundry service providers have bigger and better machines and use the best cleaning agents that are available in the market. The hotel can not only outsource the washing of its own linen, but also the customers’ clothes. This will add to the quality of service that they are providing the customers.

Points To Be Addressed When Choosing A commercial laundry service

Advancements in washing machines are becoming more sophisticated and flexible.  As mentioned above a commercial laundry service needs to invest in highly advanced machines if it wants to stay and succeed in the business. If you are planning to outsource your hotel’s laundry, then it is a good idea to search for commercial laundries online. Most of them have their own websites which provide information about their services and their facilities. Shortlist 3-4 of them and pay a personal visit to their premises. Check out their machines and learn what they are capable of performing. Once this is done ask the commercial laundry services provider for references and also make it a point to read some reviews and testimonials of people who have already taken services from them.